Video Evidence

Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt (Maywood, IL) 09/28/2018

Home for Soldiers Widows

Dowsing rod session video.avi

This video shows direct responses during the dowsing rod session. 

Widows Home Ovilus response.avi

In this video during the dowsing rod session, there was a direct response using the ovilous. 

Willard Library (Evansville, IN) 10/22/2016


This video shows an unexplained orb moving toward one of the members without her knowing. (No audio)

Private Residence (Coal City, IL) 04/01/2016

moving floor orb.MOV

This video shows an unexplained orb moving from the tv stand on the floor to the middle of the room. There were no animals present. Non of any member sitting there seen it. (No audio)

Private Residence (Manhattan, IL) 07/13/2015

The below video will show that the chair is intentionally kicked or moved. (No audio)

Living Rm Video.AVI

One of the members is sitting in the chair and you can see that another member will get up and move, feeling uneasy seeing something in the other room then not feeling comfortable sitting next to the other member, then sits on the other sofa. At approximately 08:58:52 you can see the member sitting in the chair move then get up.

Living Rm Video2.AVI

In this video it is shown from the hallway the chair being kicked. The member sitting in the chair, felt the action and was stunned. 

Private Residence (Lombard, IL) 09/03/2011

Rolling Ball Clip.wmv

This video will show that the excersize ball moving on its own. We have verified that there is no air source coming from vents or windows. The two members were not aware of the ball moving at the time they were there.

Private Residence (Palatine, IL) 05/13/2011

Cam 1 2138_xvid_006.avi

This video shows an orb following one of our members leave the room.

Thirsty Fox Pub 02/13/2011

The below videos show the motion sensor going off when there is nobody there.

Kitchen Motion Sensor Clip.avi
Upstairs Motion Sensor.wmv