EVP Evidence

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Masonic Lodge (Elmhurst, IL) 11/11/2022

REC 8 - Small Chapel-Whistel or Chirp MP3-.mp3

Small chapel whistle or chirp

REC 8 - Small Chapel-Laugh or giggle.MP3-.mp3

Small chapel laugh or giggle

REC 5 - Hanger Area - Part 1- High Pitch Giggle-Voice .WAV-.wav

Hallway hanger area high pitch giggle

REC 3 - Billiards Room-Voice Whisper Hi .MP3-.mp3

Billiards room voice whisper "Hi"

REC 3 - Billiards Room-UnexplainedVoice Noise.MP3-.mp3

Billiards room unexplained voice/noise

REC 3 - Billiards Room-Unexplained Background Voice.MP3-.mp3

Billiards room unexplained background voice

REC 3 - Billiards Room-Response Over Walkie to Question.MP3-.mp3

Billiards room response over walkie talkie to question

REC 3 - Billiards Room-Kids Voice over Walkie Maybe.MP3-.mp3

Billiards room possible kids voice over walkie

REC 2 - Main Chapel-Megan interpreting answer from spirit box.MP3-.mp3

Main chapel, team member interpreting answer from spirit box while blindfolded and headphones on

Private Residence (Elgin, IL) 12/19/2020

Kitchen Male Voice Original 2.wav

Male voice in kitchen

Basement Tunnel Girls Voice Noise Reductio 2.wav

Girls voice in basement tunnel

1st Floor Kid's Room 2.wav

1st floor kids room

Private Residence (Rosemont, IL) 10/16/2020

#9 Mumbling 2 - Rec. 2 - Room Off Kitchen - Rosemont (Amplified).MP3


#4 - Wow - REC 2 - Room off of Kitchen.MP3


#3 I Got You - Rec. 2 - Room Off Kitchen - Rosemont (Amplified 2.wav

"I got you"

Private Residence (Oglesby, IL) 08/27/2016

Small Voice Attic 2 Amplified with Noise Reduction.wav

Small voice - Attic

 Private Residence (Manhattan, IL) 07/31/2015

Hallway Child Voice Updated.wav

Child's voice

Crawl Space Whisper.wav

Crawl space whisper

(There were no rodents or people)

Crawl Space Noises.wav

Crawl space noises

(There were no rodents or people)

Crawl Space Tapping.wav

Crawl space tapping

(There were no rodents or people)

Private Residence (Elgin, IL) 02/16/2015

2 Hums.mp3

2 Hums

Living Room-kid misses mommy amplified.wav

Kid misses mommy voice



Living Room -Yes voice.wav

"Yes" voice

Private Residence (Dalzell, IL) 06/21/2014

Basement Back Room Clip 1=amplified-noise reduction.mp3

Basement back room

Cellar Clip 3 Whispers.mp3

Cellar whisper

Private Residence (Aurora, IL) 02/17/2012

Living Room Whisper Clip.mp3

Living room whisper

Guy Voice Front Angle Just VoiceAmplified.wav

Male voice in background

Private Residence (Palatine, IL) 05/13/2011

Loud sighs.WAV

Loud sighs

Can you help.WAV

"Can you help" voice

Private Residence (Palatine, IL) 04/15/2011

Go Away.wav

"Go away" voice

Help me now.wav

"Help me now" voice


"No" voice

She's mom.wav

"She's mom" voice


"Yeah" voice

Private Residence (Palatine, IL) 04/01/2011

Knock to open door.wav

Knock to open door

Little Girl Voice see me.wav

Little girl voice "See me"

Loud Male Whisper Kitchen oh crap they're back.wav

Male voice in kichen "Oh crap they're back"

Male Whisper horseback.wav

Male voice "Horseback"

Moan - roar.wav

Moan - Roar


Singing, humming

Voice child yoohoo.wav

Child voice "Yoo hoo"

Whisper - kitchen (who are you).wav

Whisper in kitchen "Who are you"

Thirsty Fox Pub 02/13/2011


Upstairs laugh

Private Residence (Chicago, IL) 07/12/2009

Are you an older man.mp3

Are you an older man

Cat Meow.mp3

Cat meow (No animals present)



faint whistle.mp3

Faint whistle

Soft female voice.mp3

Soft female voice

Walkie Talkie-Cat Noise.mp3

Walkie talkie - cat noise

whispers and dog bark.mp3

Whispers and dog bark

Graue Mill 09/19/2008

Graue Mill 91908.wav

Bachelors Grove 10/10/2007

Ask a question BG 101007.mp3

Ask a question

Moan BG 101007.mp3


Scream BG 101007.mp3