Our process is lengthy and takes time to review. Each of our members will review audio and video files to validate the claims. Our first process is to de-bunk claims to make sure they are legit. De-bunking includes listening/looking for reasonable answers to a certain claim. We make sure that we are aware of noises that the location may be producing. This could be anything from ice makers, the house settling, heating and air conditioners running, fans, any appliances left plugged in and running, and so forth. We also get familiar with the neighborhood in regards to traffic noises and neighbors, children, dogs barking and so forth.

We also review the weather for the day of our investigation. The noises that the weather may contibute to any claims, for instance, when it is raining, if it is very windy, snow and ice falling or melting. We have to consider the environment on that day to make sure that we are aware of the weather and how it will affect the home foundation, or the settling of wood. 

These are the things that we do prior to starting the initial investigation. Once our investigation has concluded. We gather our equipment for review. Evidence review will include audio recorders, video recorders, live feed video, trail cam video & audio including pictures, cameras body cams. Once we save all our files, it is reviewed by the team. This process is a long waiting period and could take up to several weeks. We have to go through hours and hours of reviewing all the video, pictures and audio. Once we confirm and collect the valid claim evidence, we save it and present it to our client. We explain in detail what we found and maybe sometimes we don't find anything. 

Because reviewing evidence is so extensive, we advise our clients to please be patient after our investigation ends so we can spend the time reviewing hundreds of hours. 

To the left on the menu, you will see links to our evidence that we have collected. There is a tab for audio and video evidence. When reviewing, you may need to turn up your volume.