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Ghosts Don't Mess With P.M.S.!

Paranormal Moms Society (SM)

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Private Residence - Elgin, IL (07-09-2021)

Upstairs Crawlspace Male Voice

Private Residence - Bellwood, IL (05-14-2021)

St. Charles, IL - Restaurant (04-07-2021)

Private Residence - Elgin, IL (12-19-2020)

Private Residence - Rosemont, IL (10-16-2020)

Private Residence - Cary, IL (11-23-2019)

Maywood, IL - ReUse It Depot (09-28-2019 & 09-26-2020)

Private Residence - Niles, IL (05-03-2019)

Elmhurst, IL - Elmhurst Masonic Lodge (03-16-2019)

Private Residence - Thayer, IL (12-01-2018)

Private Residence - Wheaton, IL (11-09-2018)

Maywood, IL - Soldier's Widows Home (10-27-2018 / 09-29-2018 / 08-17-2013)

Maywood, IL Orphanage (07-13-2018)

Private Residence - Paris, IL (04-13-2018)

Downer's Grove, IL Firehouse (03-02-2018)

Private Residence - Knox, IN (02-02-2018)

Private Residence - Darien, IL (01-19-2018)

Private Residence - Manitowoc, WI (06-16-2017)

 Willard Library, IL (10-23-2016)

Private Residence - Coal City, IL (04-12-2016)

Private Residence - Romeoville, IL (10-24-2015)

Private Residence - Manhattan, IL (7-13-15)

Crawl Space Whisper

Recorder was placed in a crawl space, which none of our investigators went into because of the small space and we captured a whisper possibly saying " I never did a thing".

Hallway Child Voice

Captured a small child's voice...

Crawl Space Noises 2

Recorder was placed on a step stool in a crawl space next to a camera. You can clearly hear loud noises as if someone was messing with the recorder. The crawl space was never entered by any investigators, the crawl space was maintained very well and no signs of any wild life.

Crawl Space Tapping 2

Same situation as the above EVP, same recorder placed on step stool with no disturbance from investigators, wild life or sounds from other parts of the home.

Private Residence - Elgin, IL (2-6-15)

2 Hums

Captured some humming.


Audio speaks for itself, captured a hum

Yes voice
Living Room

Captured an answer to our question.

kid misses mommy
Living Room

You can hear very faintly, a small child which seems to say something in the sound of "miss my mommy"

Private Residence - Dalzell, IL (6-21-14)

noise reduction
Basement Back Room Clip 1=amplified

While investigator was performing house blessing, we captured a voice.

Cellar Clip 3 Whispers

Multiple whispering

Private Residence - Aurora, IL (2-17-12)

Living Room Whisper Clip

We were having a discussion in the kitchen, the recorder was on the other end of the home and we captured this whisper.

Private Residence - Palatine, IL  (5-13-11)

Loud sighs

Loud "sighs"

Can you help

Can't make out the whisper in the beginning. Can you help????

Private Residence - Palatine, IL (4-15-11)

Go Away
We were starting to get a complex after this one.....(we were told to "Go Away")


Help me now
Sounds like "Help Me Now"
She's mom
Sounds to us like "She's Mom"
An answer to our question......

Private Residence - Palatine, IL  (4-1-11)

Knock to open door
We closed the bedroom and stated we would reopen it if we heard a knock on it. This is what we received.
Little Girl Voice see me
We were having a conversation about how we had not seen or heard much all night.  When we listened closely, we thought it sounded like a small child asking "Do you see me?"
Loud Male Whisper Kitchen oh crap they're back
We personally like this one. Sounds like "Oh c___, they're back." Think we were liked?:-)
Male Whisper horseback
Sounds like "horseback."

 No explanation needed.

kitchen (who are you)
This one sounds like "Who Are You?"
Voice child yoohoo
Again, sounds like a small child, possibly saying "YooHoo."
We hear what sounds like singing or humming behind our talking.

Thirsty Fox Pub - St. Charles, IL   (2-13-11)

This was a laugh that was recorded on the digital recorder running upstairs near the office area. 

Private Residence - Chicago, IL  (7-12-08)

Are you an older man
Investigator asked if the spirit was an older man and we appear to have received an answer.
faint whistle
Clients stated they had been hearing whistling coming from the basement. Usually just two notes as the grandfather often used to do when he lived there. We heard this faint whistle upon review.
Cat Noise
Walkie Talkie
We were upstairs in one of the bedrooms and suddenly this voice came over one of the investigators 2-way radios. Our 2-ways are set to a private channel and scrambled so that we do not receive interference. Plus there were 2 of the radios in the room at the time, however the voice only came through on one of them.
We still aren't sure what this voice is saying.
whispers and dog bark
One of our investigators stayed alone in the basement while the other member of their team ran up to get a piece of equipment. As she is asking questions, you can hear what sounds like a male voice mumbling something, followed by a very loud noise. Our investigator heard the noise and commented that they may have heard the families dog. After review, the client informed us that was in no way their dog and we found it sounds more like a deep voice giving a loud command
Soft female voice
Here you can make out what sounds like either a woman or a small child mumbling softly. We have cleaned this up and it is still too faint for us to make out any words.
Cat Meow
While we were setting up in the living room of the clients house, our EMF detectors all started going off in the area of the stairwell. At the same time, our recorders picked up this sound which reminds us of a cat's meow.  We have since returned to this home for a second investigation and found no EMF activity in that same area.

Graue Mill - Oak Brook, IL  (9-19-08) 

Graue Mill 91908
Right after some of the investigators are reading a baby's headstone and a child's headstone you can hear what we describe as a creepy sigh.  This photo shows the area where we caught this EVP that night.

Bachelor's Grove - Midlothian, IL  (10-10-07)

Ask a question BG 101007

Ok, this one we caught as soon as we turned on the digital recorder. If you listen closely, you can hear a whisper. We believe it sounds something like "Good ahead, ask a question".

Scream BG 101007
This one speaks for itself. Right near the end, you will hear what we feel sounds like a scream.
Moan BG 101007
Our investigator was asking if there was anything dangerous there keeping someone from moving on, and we got this sound. We describe it as an eerie moan.