Ghosts Don't Mess With P.M.S.!

Paranormal Moms Society (SM)

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Video Recording - Capturing video during investigations is extremely important. For that reason, we have many options available for use at all times dependent on location size, building materials and situation. Our typical set-up is a 16 channel DVR that runs our wireless IR cameras. This records all night and the monitor allows us to view all camera views on screen at once. But we do use smaller wireless set-ups, internet based cameras running off a router, handheld  video recorders, night visions video recorders and full spectrum video recorders. And off course, our cellphones, especially when doing live-feed streams.

Audio Recording - Just as important as capturing video evidence during an investigation, audio evidence is also crucial. We have various digital audio recorders that we use on site. Stationary recorders remain with each video camera throughout the investigation. Walk-around recorders go along with the investigators. This way we can be sure we are covering all areas at all times.

EMF detectors, Gaussmeters and Motion Detectors - EMF detectors measure the AC electromagnetic fields, which are usually emitted from man-made sources such as electrical wiring, while gaussmeters or magnetometers measure DC fields, which occur naturally in Earth's geomagnetic field and are emitted from other sources where direct current is present. Basically speaking, they will pick up on items that are charged with electromagnetic energy. Since spirits are thought to be comprised of energy and to use energy to interact, it is the general thought that a spike in EMF could correlate to spirit activity, especially when occuring at the same time as some other paranormal event. Motion Detectors are placed in view of cameras to alert us to movement in areas where there are no investigators, implicating that we may have activity occuring.

BooBuddy Interactive Trigger Bear - BooBuddy is almost like part of the team! We have named ours Boo-bette. She can detect changes in EMF, Motion, Temperature and Vibration. EVP questions are asked randomly, so if we leave a recorder in a room with her, we can capture some responses. She speaks in a sweet, child-like voice and is great to use when child spirits are presumed. If she senses movement, she will giggle and say something along the lines of "that tickles". If there is a temperature change, she may say "Brrr, it's cold in here". She will also ask spirits to sing ABCs with her or finish sentences.

Digital Thermometers - We use digital thermometers to take base-line readings of the temperature in each room we enter. They also alert us to significant changes in temperature in rooms we are investigating in. Some of our EMF devices can also read the temperature as well.

EM Pump -  Theories suggest that certain energy can provide 'fuel' for spirits to communicate with us or manifest themselves. The EM Pump is a safe way to provide the energy they need by creating a low level magnetic field in varying pulses and frequencies.

GeoPod (GeoPhone Vibration Sensor) - This is an actual Geophone sensor that scientists use to detect earth quakes, that's how sensitive it is.  Extremely sensitive detection of movement, footsteps, banging on walls, walking, etc. Excellent tool to use in view of a camera in a room or hall where clients are claiming to hear footsteps, banging, etc.

Xbox Kinect - The Kinect's purpose was to map out players in a game. We use it in investigations by hooking it to our laptop and scanning a room to see if it maps what it thinks is a person when there is nothing there that the eye can see. 

Robo-Buddy - Robo-buddy is a remote control device that captures night-vision video. We can "drive" Robo-buddy into areas where investigators cannot go on foot due to space or safety but where there are claims in order to gather video footage.

Trail Cameras - Another great tool we use to get pictures in areas that are more remote (outdoors, basements, crawlspaces). Trail cameras are typically used by hunters. They will fasten them to a tree and they will take a picture any time they sense motion. This helps the hunter see what prey is in that particular area, but for us, it can capture what we are not present to see.

Spirit Box The SB7 spirit box works by scanning the FM band and AM band along with a unique high frequency synthetic noise, a.k.a. white noise, where spirit voices seemingly are able to form words.

Laser Grid -  A laser grid is a great tool for ghost hunting to more clearly detect when movement happens and help define physical aspects of the anomaly.

2-Way radios and Flashlights - 2 items you will never find us without. The 2-way radios are crucial for communication during set-up as well as during investigations to keep our teams in constant contact with eachother and the command station. And, since we are moving about it the pitch dark, the flashlights are always with us.