Client Testimonials

"I don't know where to begin. from the moment we contacted these ladies to the final investigation they were absolutely wonderful. between being kind and understanding with all we were going through to the whole process. they explained anything we questioned and were available whenever we needed help.even if it was a silly question. we cannot say enough good about these ladies. we had previously 3-4 groups that came and NONE did the job or helped us in any way. whatever we needed they helped with. we loves these ladies and if we ever need help in the future we will ask them no one else. we trust them with our lives. THANKS AGAIN LADIES!!!"

linda and lyle passini

"so gratefull 

"For years we had had questions about things going on in our home. Thanks to these ladies we now have some answers. Since day one of contact with this group it has been nothing but a positive experience. They are the most kind, caring and committed ladies. Courteous and professional. We could go on and on. We are indeed grateful for their service and in helping us to get answers to resolve the activity in our home. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of help."

Trina and Neil Wagner

Finally Answers 

 "I can' t say enough positive things about the whole experience. The entire crew was professional from the start. They listened to my stories with patience and answered all of my questions. I would recommend them for any paranormal needs." Thanks again. - John T.  

Hello my name is Alex.

Some time ago I had a very serious and somewhat dangerous paranormal situation at my home. And although I searched and searched I could not find anyone that was willing to help me. Even my church turned it’s back on me. Luckily I found the paranormal moms. Not only were they on my side but they were professional, on my side and in it to win it. The problems I had were very serious but they never ever even thought about giving up, at times even at great personal risk they pressed on. Eventually finding the answers we all wanted and an outcome that I still can’t believe.  They are a great bunch of ladies that I now consider friends and they still keep in touch with me to this day. God only knows where I would be without them. I would refer them to anybody in need above all others, I really can’t say enough about their caring and kind professionalism. 

They were a god sent life preserver and I’m glad to have met them.

- Alex.