Meet the Team

Christie Carpenter-Chaidez

 I founded Paranormal Moms Society in October of 2007 with a desire to meet and work with other moms who had the same interest in the field of paranormal studies as I had. I had grown up in a home where there was activity that seemed to only focus on me and I just couldn’t get anyone else to believe me. As a child, it was terrifying; being preyed on by something you couldn’t understand and not being able to feel protection from even your parents because they thought it was just a child’s imagination. 

 As I got older, I started realizing that I was Empathic and sensitive to some extent and that was why the spirits were all trying to get my attention, much the way they still do to this day. It is ultimately why I now make it our goal to help as many families and businesses as we can, so that no one else ever has to have that feeling of helplessness or feels like no one will believe them. I want them to know that they have somewhere to turn. We DO believe you, we know you are not crazy and we are here to help.

Theresa Ban

I joined the group on March 2011. My interest in the paranormal basically starts with the investigation process and gathering valid evidence. Having many years in the investigation background and office administration, I tend to be skeptical unless there is valid evidence to back up any claims or reports. I am very tech savvy which also helps out with the equipment duties. With interest in the paranormal and watching the paranormal shows on TV. I have always wanted to know what happens after we leave this Earth.  

Liz Mason

I joined the group in September of 2011. My many years of experience in historical research made me excited to provide our clients with the histories of their beautiful homes. 

Because of my cultural beliefs and childhood experiences I'm open minded to the unknown. The researcher in me is what makes me dig further to help find the answers. Being on this amazing team allows me to help those who may feel they have nowhere else to go.

Luke Chaidez

I joined the group in December of 2014. I have actually been around the group since 2007 when I was just 6 years old, as my mom is the Founder. I always wanted to be more involved with the group to help others. Now I can proudly say that I am officially a member and looking forward to using my technology skills, compassion, and knowledge to help our clients. 

Joanne Karis

I have been studying parapsychology for over three decades with a special interest in apparitions and near death experiences. I have been trying to find correlations between historical and current cases around the world and I strive to use science to corroborate these events and sightings to see if patterns emerge. I hope my extensive past research and future investigations will delve deeper into paranormal issues and bring clarity to the stories that have permeated the fabric of the lives of past, current, and future generations. I want to contribute in legitimizing the field of paranormal investigating and truly help people that are in need in the process.

People once thought the world was flat and through science that was proven wrong. I want to do the same in parapsychology and find proof for what was once unseen and unreachable.

Megan Erl  

I joined the group in October of 2018. I first found out about the Paranormal Moms Society through an event held at my local library. At a very young age I became fascinated by the paranormal. I began watching all of the popular paranormal T.V. shows and attending paranormal conferences with my Mom. Together, our fascination with the paranormal grew and it became the driving force that helped us grow closer, not only as Mother and Daughter but as life-long friends. I continue to investigate and explore the unknown to not only learn more about what happens after we leave our bodies, but to keep my Mom's legacy going. I felt like this group was exactly what I was looking for and it really gives me the opportunity to put my skills to good use. I have a background in photography and videography as well as experience with a variety of equipment used to communicate with spirits (my personal favorite piece of equipment is the Ovilus). I use my experience along with a healthy dose of skepticism to help our clients in any way I can.