Algonquin Cemetery 11-01-08 Algonquin Cemetery 11-01-08 The Light This has a small light in the middle of the picture. Not caused by a house or store light. 17057884 Orbs The orbs in this photo have no real nucleus patteres to make us think that they are enviromental orbs. We believe these to be balls of energy. 17057880 Another Orb One more of the orbs that we believe NOT to be enviromental. 17057885 Everywhere There are some orbs we believe to be true energy in this shot. The ones with the nucleuses are believed to be enviromental orbs. 17057886 Rust colored ball We got an orb that is rust colored. It's by the right bush. 17057901 17088445 Lights We caught some moving lights in this photo. It is important to note that this was NOT facing the road. 17088433