The Hunt For The Cure 2008 The Hunt For The Cure 2008 Say Cheese! Jenny (a donor and an event goer) smiles big for the camera. 14572080 Wanderlust...... Don't get lost!! 14572081 The trail of women This is the line as I took everyone to the old farm house foundation. 14572082 EMF Cathy, one of our event participants and a prospective member, scopes out the area with an EMF meter. 14572083 Our littlest event participant. This is our littlest event participant. She was a sweet girl and look at her cute jacket. Watch out ghost hunters, she's on the rise in the paranormal field! 14572085 EMF Spikes This was the area where we were getting some significant EMF readings. 14584228 Group Shot All of the Hunt For The Cure 2008 Participants. From left to right are: Robynn, Heather, Hope, Jenny, Cathy, Sharon, Liane, Samantha and Christie. 14584341 Everybody follow Robynn.... Off to check on a potential hot spot. 14584229 Ghost Crossing Sign...? Not sure what this is, but on the tree to Cathy's right, there is a bright anamoly in the shape of a person walking. Another nice catch, Sharon! 14906109