Ghosts don't mess with P.M.S.!

Paranormal Moms Society (SM)

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The Team

Christie Carpenter-Chaidez-

Founder/Lead Investigator/Head of Tech. & Client Services

I founded Paranormal Moms Society in October of 2007 with a desire to meet and work with other moms who had the same interest in the field of paranormal studies as I had. I had grown up in a home where there was activity that seemed to only focus on me and I just couldn’t get anyone else to believe me. As a child, it was terrifying; being preyed on by something you couldn’t understand and not being able to feel protection from even your parents because they thought it was just a child’s imagination. As I got older, I started realizing that I was Empathic to some extent and I think that was why the spirits were all trying to get my attention. It is ultimately why I now make it our goal to help as many families as we can, so that no one else has that feeling of helplessness or feels like no one will believe them. We do believe you, we                                             know you are not crazy and we are here to help.

Katreina Voss-

Case Manager/Lead Investigator

I joined the group in July of 2015. Having had personal experiences as a child led me to all aspects of the paranormal world and phenomenon. It has been my passion to be an investigator because of the research I have committed to this field over the years and being on a research team has long been a dream of mine. Bringing my knowledge and experience to help others is what drives me in my position as Case Manager and always putting our clients first.

Luke Chaidez-

Tech Manager/Investigator

I joined the group in September of 2016. I have actually been around the group since 2007 when I was just 6 years old, as my mom is the Founder. I always wanted to be more involved with the group to help others. Now I can proudly say that I am officially a member and looking forward to using my technology skills, compassion, and knowledge to help our clients.

Jennifer Stransky-

Research Manager/Investigator

I joined the group in August of 2016. Having personal experiences as a child and being sensitive to activity, led me to an interest in communicating with the spirit world. Having a great interest in this field of study, made me want to help others with the same experiences, gathering evidence and providing answers to the client. 


Chrissy Filskov

Investigator and Research Assistant

Chrissy is our newest investigator. Her bio will be posted soon!

Liz Mason-

Part-time Researcher/Investigator

I joined the group in September of 2011. My many years of experience in historical research made me excited to provide our clients with the histories of their beautiful homes.

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